Agricultural, Horticultural and Amenity sectors may benefit from the following courses, offered under NPTC training assessment standards and criteria

Tractor Driver Training

Tractor driver training and maintenance courses are designed to provide training for the safe and practical use of this equipment including trailer and front loader.

Widely used in, not only the agricultural setting, but also in the leisure arena where tractor/trailer rides are growing in popularity, operators need to be able to assess and avoid risks to both themselves and to the general public, particularly children. Health and Safety considerations are therefore paramount in this training.

As the training takes place on the customer's premises, operators have the advantage of plenty of hands-on practice on the actual equipment they will be using day-to-day.

Telehandler and Rough Terrain training

The widespread use of specialist equipment to lift extremely heavy loads to awkward locations on often uneven or unstable ground necessitates operators to be trained to a very high standard.

Let Beaumont Handling Solutions help you to achieve this.

Pesticide training

Courses in PA1, PA6 (AW) and PA2 are provided by Beaumont Handling Solutions to NPTC accreditation standard. Health and Safety aspects are covered in terms of risk to the general public and to wildlife.

HSE guidance and DEFRA Codes of Practice are referenced and ample time is allowed for candidates to understand and practise application techniques.


Mowers are important pieces of equipment that are regularly used during the summer months, but during the winter they often lie dormant. 

Appropriate maintenance will help avoid expensive replacements and down time.

This course also addresses the use of PTO (power-take off) and mower attachments.


Widespread use of strimmers and bruschcutters in the sphere of horticulture, agriculture and amenity make this a popular course.

Maintenance of this equipment is vital to prolong the life of the machinery and ensure the safety of the operator co-workers, and the general public.